COVID-19 Rent/Mortgage, and Cell Phone Relief PILOT Program

By Neighborhoods Over Politics

On July 28, 2020
UPDATE: Applications for the Pilot Program is CLOSED. Please like our Facebook page for updates, as we seek additional funding.

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About the PILOT Program:

Neighborhoods Over Politics, Inc. (NOP) COVID-19 Rent/Mortgage and Cell Phone Relief Program Committee will select families who meet the requirements below and provide financial relief for three (3) months that will be paid directly to their bill holders. NOP understands the financial impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic will have a long-term economic effect on families with children and will seek additional funding beyond the PILOT program in order to provide financial relief for families for up to three years, as needed.

NOP Board Member, Attorney Debra Lavey stated, “The pilot program is new to our organization. In building relationships with families in the Wolf Creek and Edgemont neighborhoods, we found that rental assistance programs often require a tenant to have an eviction filing before assistance can be provided. Eviction filings hurt tenants – they can affect a tenant’s ability to get or keep a job, care for their family, stay in good health, create a thriving community, or get future housing. NOP’s program will provide relief to families with children before they reach the eviction stage and incur fees and other costs that accompany late payments. The goal of Neighborhoods Over Politics is to promote long-term sustainability and this program aligns with that goal by providing financial and mental health education to each family selected.”


  • Applicant must be a Dayton resident with a child or children under 18 years old in Montgomery County, OH, living in the 45402 or 45417 zip codes, with a Valid State of Ohio ID.
    •  The address on your ID must match the address on your lease, mortgage statement, or cell phone billing statement.
  • Applicant household income at the time of application must be at or below 100% of the Area Median Income (AMI) for the Dayton MSA (referenced in chart below).
  • Applicant’s employment/income must have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, beginning March 10, 2020, or later.
  • Applicant must be PAST DUE a minimum of one month on rent, mortgage, or cell phone bill.
  • Applicant must complete one (1), 30-minute budgeting session with GreenPath (Wright-Patt Credit Union partner) and one (1), 1-hour Mental Wellness Check-in with collaborating partner – Sunlight Village within three (3) days of submitting their application, as part of the application process.
    • If selected, applicant will be required to complete Wright-Patt Credit Union‘s 5-session Financial Wellness Program (July 14th, 16th, 21st, 23rd, and 28th) along with an 8-week Mental Wellness Check-in with 1 of 3 partnering vendors – Sunlight Village, Kindred Connections Therapy Center, or Ryan Ivory LSW.
      • Failure to complete these weekly check-ins will result in applicant’s inability to get financial relief for the month in question until applicant is caught up.
  • Further consideration will be taken if applicant is currently receiving any subsidized rental assistance.
  • Further consideration will be taken if applicant is a current recipient of any other rental/mortgage/cell phone relief program (i.e. CAP, Montgomery Co. COVID-19 Response Program, etc.).
  • The applicant CANNOT be approved for or a recipient of the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation ($600 additional weekly benefit). This does not include the regular State of Ohio Unemployment Compensation program.

GreenPath Appointment Checklist

Instructions for completing your Financial Wellness check-in:

Contact GreenPath Financial Wellness, a trusted partner of Wright-Patt Credit Union, at 1-888-893-2713. Calls can be made during these times:

  • Monday – Thursday, 8AM – 10PM EST
  • Friday, 8AM – 7PM EST
  • Saturday, 9AM – 6PM EST

In preparation for your call, please review the GREENPATH APPOINTMENT CHECKLIST to the right.

  1. When you call, let the representative know you’re calling for a Budget Review and were referred by Wright-Patt Credit Union (If the GreenPath representative probes for more details you can let them know the Budget Review is required for a special program).
    • NOTE: The Budget Review can take 30-60 minutes. The GreenPath Financial Counselor will help you develop and review your current spending plan and discuss helpful action items regarding your financial wellness.
  2. Once you have completed your call, your budget and action plan will be emailed to you. If you don’t have access to email, the action plan will be mailed to you.
  3. You will also need to provide permission to GreenPath to send your action plan to Neighborhoods Over Politics as verification of your appointment. GreenPath will send an email to [email protected] This is your verification of completion of your Financial Wellness check in and is required for the application process for the COVID-19 Rent/Mortgage/Cell Phone Relief Pilot Program.

Instructions for completing your Mental Wellness check in:

A Sunlight Village representative will be in contact with you for the Mental Wellness check-in between July, 6th – 8th, if not sooner. Be sure your contact number is open to accept calls and that your voicemail box is setup to receive voice messages in the event Sunlight Village has to leave a message.


  1. Completed Application through the Neighborhoods Over Politics, Inc. website.
  2. Active lease agreement – this may include an agreement to rent month to month – however, it must clearly be stated on the lease OR an active mortgage statement – this may include a forbearance period, if applicable.
  3. Landlord Affidavit (includes a W-9 IRS form), if applicable.
  4. Active cellular phone carrier statement, if applicable.
  5. Valid Ohio photo ID.
  6. Proof of income/employment before the COVID-19 crisis. Documents may include:
    • Pay stubs from 90 days before March 10, 2020
    • Bank Statements from 90 days before March, 10, 2020– if self employed
  7. A letter/email from your employer on organization letterhead, advising of change in employment status due to COVID-19.
    • Unemployment compensation statement
    • Bank statements or pay stubs 90 days after March 10, 2020
    • TANF statement
    • Tax return
    • Social Security check stubs or proof of deposit
    • Pension statement
    • Veterans benefit statement
    • Proof of alimony
    • Proof of child support
    • Workman’s compensation check stubs
    • Military pay stubs

If the applicant is unable to provide the documents as outlined above, a 90-day bank statement before/after March 10, 2020 showing proof of deposits will be acceptable. However, it needs to show a decrease in income; and consideration is based on GROSS household income.

APPLICATIONS for the Pilot Program is CLOSED. Please like our Facebook page for updates, as we seek additional funding.

If you submitted your application, please email required documents to [email protected] or fax them securely to (937) 795-3413.

NOTE: If you do not have access to a fax machine, you can scan your required documents at Sunlight Village, 3320 West Third Street, Dayton, OH 45417, Monday – Thursday between 9AM – 4PM.

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